You love beauty, it is time to change a suitable bag matching.

- 2021-04-20-

Change shoes change clothes change bags, this season, the body wear with new, bag status although not so important clothes and shoes, but for women, is also a must, go out will take a bag, can be trivial items a pack dozen, but also a symbol of your taste. Winter is here, so it's time to change your bag.

01 small and delicate bag, made of canvas material, fabric also floating countless or positive or inverted D word pattern, give a person a clever and lively impression, carrying it you are not serious, the whole body exudes youthful vitality, even the cold winter can not stop you happy life.

02 is depressing in winter, this season is easy to let people don't emotional, you can better than summer quiet a bit, but sometimes I'll reveal attitudes. Let bump color bag, will bring out the best in your fashion and personality, the collision of two colors, outstanding, it is your unique style of fashion attitude.

03 some bags a look is very interesting, backpack start fun route, small bag body, stacked with letters and cartoon patterns, elements and colors are a little much, but in good order, give a person the impression of charming and lovely, carrying it you, how to see how young.

04 although many bags can be one shoulder hand worn, but the most suitable for them to carry method, there is only one, like this kind of bag, simple and easy modelling, color matching and mature atmosphere, no matter what occasion can win approval for you. Just this bag is best hand - held, one - shoulder slung all lost that elegant taste.

05 sometimes, you need a large capacity bag, you can put all the messy things around you into, to avoid the east drop a west drop a larger bag, the visual effect is also atmospheric, carrying it you, invisible more than a bit of "domineering", gas field increase.

06 these are The Times of worship Jane, all the trend towards the direction of more and more simple. Pack a bag also is like this, killer bag modelling is classic, finaldesign makes it has edges and corners, appear very hiry, you need such edges and corners trenchiness, be like your trenchiness individual character, also won't be submerged in boundless and boundless sea of people.

07 big lady's bag like a pillow, the distinctive features can move many people's hearts at the first sight. Although its appearance is not surprising, but the more you see the more durable look type, fabric more use the first layer of calfskin, very soft and not easy to deform, low-key highlights luxury texture.