Knowing the history of women's bags will make you love your own bag even more.

- 2021-01-11-

Many women love bags, but do not know the origin of women's bags or how to make the evolution of history, for the evolution of women's bags is actually a tortuous history of development, interesting, the rise of women's bags is closely related to the evolution of clothing. Let's take a look at the history of women's bags:

Ever since the late 18th century, when wavy skirts with straps gave way to slim-fitting dresses, women have sought out bags in which to carry their belongings. The first pouches were made of fishnets, which were attached to a long string so that they could be held in the hand and became a veritable "pouch".

Fashion accessories, like fashion, have been changing and changing for centuries. And its status is also gradually rising, becoming an indispensable part of women's clothing, such as bag ornaments. Based on different trend culture, different times, different occasions, women's bag has evolved endless forms.

The rise of cigarettes in the 20th century made the small cigarette box become a kind of decoration for women to attend social gatherings, and the small box type package ornaments were put into the market in large numbers.

In 1929, Hollywood stars made makeup bags for storing foundation and lipstick popular. All kinds of makeup bags, such as shells, soccer balls, door locks, vases and birdcages, appeared one by one. But during World War II, when supplies were scarce, bags became a luxury item and women's bags were made of rough canvas, leading designers to create a range of shopping and cycling bags.

In the 1930s, the space of Hollywood films developed, and they had a huge impact on the popularity of fashion. The package acted the role of streamlined appearance and good ark to wear, guileless material, primitive simplicity and elegance.

In the gun-filled 1940s, the emphasis on practicality was most evident in bag design, and the trend towards pragmatism was influenced by military design. The bag on the shoulder was all the rage because it could be used to carry gas masks, ration bills, identity cards and other practical items. Although the war years brought great pain to people, but it prompted the package decoration to the civilian and simplified, a great step forward.

After the war and the economic recovery of the 1950s, due to the imprisonment of the war years, people's desire for sex and competition after the war, women's clothing quickly turned to sexy and charming. And package is acted the role of to cooperate dress, also move towards sex appeal and charm without exception. During this period, rock and pop music was no longer just a musical revolution, it formed a new language accepted by the majority of young people across the region and culture.

After the war, several famous brands appeared in the bag decoration industry: one is Cocochanel (cocoa. Xia Nai er) gold chain hangs shoulder strap bag to act the role of design, become the symbol of taste at that time. Louis Vuitton's bucket-shaped Noe bag, designed to carry champagne, has won rave reviews. Hermes' HightBag, after the royal concubine GraceKelly adopted, the price rose ten times, instant fame. Gucci also joined the war naturally, launched a bamboo handle bag and drop - shaped bag decoration.

In the 20th century, when women were obsessed with luxury brands, bags became a symbol of status and power. After the middle period, people's lives are filled with computers. The rise of portable computers, so that the wide messenger bag, camera bag has become the darling of young people. Later period, the world that package acts the role of becomes more profusion is much collect, have the prevailing of contracted cred, have Chinese embroidery heat, have the application of animal fur more, for example skin of snake skin, leopard, crocodile, right now bag of South Korea is happy the United States is acted the role of get great development right now, obtain the enthusiastic support of fashionable bound personage.

A revolution of youthful and dynamic miniskirts and trouser styles was born with the popularity of rock music. Miniskirt also is calling new-style bag to act the role of appear, then all sorts of small, the bag with long abaclet, concise style hangs young shoulder, make way person very not envy. In the 1970s and 1980s, when the economy was developing rapidly, the bag decoration had become a symbol of cultural status and identity in a sense. New materials and designs are introduced constantly, breaking the traditional idea of "investing in a good bag".

And as the concept of new romanticism and classical revival appear in popular dress in the late period of 70 time, the bag of bag of a few narrow shoulder belt, fishing contains the bag of fresh and fresh country flavor to act the role of appear in people shoulder, also reflect below the surge of economic tide, people ask to escape the crowded city and the intention of arrogant.

In the 1990s, the fashion of the ground avant-garde monopolized by young people seems to have become a synonym for fashion. The design at the top of the list of the high post is without exception those who are good at playing with the avant-garde master gimmick.

And the trend of "today is the fashion and tomorrow is the past" has to make people feel "the world is changing so fast". The package is acted the role of also without exception ground is affected by the wind of the tide of this rapid change, present changeful appearance.