Reduce the burden on Kids Bags

- 2021-08-18-

"Reducing the burden" for children's schoolbags has always been a topic of public concern. Do you know that the weight of schoolbags is the most appropriate? An article in the American "Life" magazine pointed out that the weight of the backpack should not exceed 10% of the weight of the backpacker.
The American Physical Therapy Association conducted a study on 9-grade students that overweight backpacks and incorrect backpacking methods can cause back injuries and muscle fatigue in teenagers.
Researcher Mary Ann Wilmarth said that a child's backpack will cause kyphosis, scoliosis, leaning forward or twisting.
At the same time, the muscles may become fatigued due to extreme tension, and the neck, shoulders and back are easily injured. If the weight of the schoolbag exceeds 10%-15% of the weight of the backpacker, the damage to the body will increase exponentially. Therefore, she recommends that the weight of the backpack should be controlled below 10% of the weight of the backpacker. Experts believe that the weight of children's schoolbags should be around 2.5 kg!
The American Physical Therapy Association recommends that children try to use backpacks on shoulders. Experts say that the double-shoulder style can disperse the weight of the backpack, thereby reducing the possibility of body distortion.
In addition, the trolley schoolbag is a good choice for younger students, because American students in the upper grades need to go up and down to change classrooms, while the lower grades do not have these troubles.
In addition, it is also very important to place the items in the schoolbag reasonably. The heaviest items are placed close to the back.

Most of the children's schoolbags on the market are based on animation images, and the animation images have their own creative owners and brand owners. Regular brand holders will award the brand or animation image to a more regular manufacturer for the production and sale of animation derivatives. At present, the most famous ones on the market are the brand licensing of Disney Mickey and the brand licensing of Barbie. With the construction of more domestic animation stations and online animation websites, and more animation images for children to be familiar with and like, the production and authorization of animation derivative products has quickly embarked on the road of normalization, quality and differentiation. This includes many internationally famous cartoon characters: SpongeBob SquarePants, Dora the Explorer, Hello Kitty, Snow White, Ultraman, and some domestic original cartoon characters are increasingly popular with children, such as Armor Warrior, Pleasant Goat and Big Big Wolf, Balala Little Demon Fairy. Many cartoon characters of Guangzhou Aofei, a famous domestic children’s animation creative manufacturer, not only make many toys that are loved by children, but also produce school bags and stationery. The fun Rasudeng cars and Zhanlong four-wheel drive are many boys. My favorite, the schoolbag and stationery of the same pattern allow adults to easily choose the child’s favorite baby when choosing gifts for their children. However, pay attention to the manufacturers of schoolbags. Generally, brand owners will review the production technology and quality credit of the licensee when they are authorized. Therefore, when buying children's schoolbags, you must look for the brand's authentic authorization.