How to choose Kids Bags?

- 2021-08-18-

As long as it involves children, no matter how big or small, parents pay special attention to it.
And nowadays, reducing the burden on schoolbags is also one of the hot topics discussed by parents.
How to buy school bags to ensure the healthy growth of children?

1. A good spine protection schoolbag should have a reasonable weight. The weight of the backpack should not exceed 10% of the weight of the backpacker. Except for heavy textbook work, the empty schoolbag should preferably be between 0.7-1 kg. The design of the spine protection schoolbag should conform to the principles of ergonomics and reduce the burden on the shoulders. A really good spine protection schoolbag can reduce shoulder pressure by 35% compared with ordinary schoolbags, which can effectively prevent spinal curvature and correct poor walking posture.
2. Back cushions, chest straps, waist belts and shoulder straps are very important for spine protection schoolbags. The quality of the schoolbag carrying system will directly affect the health of the child's spine. The back of the schoolbag must conform to the natural shape of the human spine and its movement characteristics to reduce the burden The discomfort caused by the child; while not hindering the head and torso activities, the gravity of the backpack is better distributed to all parts of the back. Moreover, the waist belt and chest strap can fix the schoolbag on the waist and back, prevent the schoolbag from swinging, and reduce the pressure on the spine and shoulders.
3. Schoolbag material is very important. Formaldehyde-free, odor-free, and no harmful residue are the basic requirements; most schoolbags on the market use pu leather, polyester, nylon and other fabrics. Among them, nylon's strength and abrasion resistance rank first among all fibers. The abrasion resistance of polyester is second only to nylon, but it is not breathable; PU leather is more beautiful but not abrasion resistant. The main creators of German ergobag are sincere environmentalists. The fabric is made of 100% recyclable PET-Flaschen bottles and made of unique polyester materials. In addition to the small responsibility of safety and non-toxicity, it also realizes environmental protection and sustainable development. At the same time, the concept of protecting the environment is passed on to the children who use schoolbags through schoolbags, so that they can develop a good habit of caring for the environment from an early age.
4. The internal space design of the schoolbag should be reasonable. Parents should not ignore the design of the internal space of the schoolbag when buying schoolbags for their children. The design of the internal space of the schoolbag is reasonable, and the children's various books, stationery, and daily necessities can be classified. Become a good habit.
5. Schoolbags emphasize personalized design and will not be renewed every year like ordinary schoolbags. A well-made spine-protecting schoolbag can be used for more than five years. This also means that schoolbags do not need to be replaced throughout the primary school stage, and this is a pursuit It is too cruel for fresh primary school students, so excellent creativity and careful design according to children's psychological needs are particularly important. The cartoon pattern on the schoolbag is in line with the characteristics of children's psychological development. Children can choose their favorite schoolbag according to their favorite colors and patterns. At the same time, it provides a wealth of accessories, equipped with a backpack sports bag, a stationery bag, a pencil case, and a pencil case. , Velcro, give children more comprehensive care.

6. The safety concept of warning reflective strips ergobag children's schoolbags use reflective strips to ensure the absolute safety of children in various situations such as walking at night. This high-quality reflective strip is widely used in firefighting, first aid and police uniforms, and the effect of three times their reflective strips is more obvious. Regardless of whether it is in the evening, cloudy or hazy days, when using the school bag, you can even see about 10% of the reflective surface from the front or the side, promptly reminding the driving vehicle to ensure the safety of the child.