Care and maintenance of bags

- 2021-11-17-

Most of the time, bags get dirty, discolored or worn, not because they have been used for too long, but just because we don't pay attention to them.  Anyone who loves a bag has a few lessons to learn about what to look out for when using it.  

1. If hands sweat easily, it is best to use arm bag or shoulder backpack as far as possible, and less hand carry the bag, otherwise sweat is easy to leave stains on the handle of the bag.  

2. When storing sharp objects in luggage, be sure to pack them completely before putting them away.  And those have cut, damaged luggage suspected items best not to put in the treasure bag.  Do not force or put heavy items, otherwise the bag will be deformed or damaged.  

3. When opening and closing the lock of the bag, do not include any foreign matter in the lock, which will damage the hardware of the bag.  

4. Do not stick labels or adhesive tape on the bags, which will easily peel off the skin when pulling them off.  

5. When using handbags, try to avoid frequent friction between handbags and clothes made of denim fabric, because it is easy to dye.  

6. In rainy and snowy weather, try to avoid using leather bags such as turned fur, abrasive leather and suede leather, because once a large area of water will be difficult to manage, and the leather will become hard.  

7. Direct light and heating for a long time will make bags decolorizing, discoloration and deformation.  Should avoid bags and sunshine, heating for a long time contact.