How to maintain and clean the leather bag?

- 2021-11-08-

1. Put a layer of wax on the surface before using the new bag to help prevent dust.  The corner of the bag is the most easy to damage, so colorless nail polish can prevent this bag abrade and deformation.  


2. Don't use the same bag every day. After using it for a period of time, let it rest for a day or two and put the contents in another bag.  Put some paper in unused bags to prevent them from deforming and make them durable.  


3. When the bag is exposed to sweat or strong sunlight, it is easy to stain or discolor.  Therefore, should often pat, expensive bags often rub oil, wax, also should avoid shoe polish, so it will hurt the bag.  


4. When the black spot of the leather bag falls off, wipe the peeling oil surface clean with wet juice and strong glue used for carpentry, and then evenly apply it to the place, and wax the light can be restored as new.  


5. Avoid sticky water and moisture.  


6. Leather bags are not used, it is best to store in cotton bags, not in plastic bags, because the air in plastic bags is not circulation, will make the leather too dry and damaged.  It's best to stuff your bag with soft toilet paper to keep it in shape.  If you don't have a suitable cloth bag, an old pillowcase is also useful.  


7.Can not be irradiated under strong light, to prevent grease from being baked dry, leading to fiber tissue orange, leather hardening brittle crack.