How to choose a bag?

- 2021-11-25-

Strap: An important part of the bag, and the most vulnerable part.  Check whether the straps are stitched or cracked, and see if the straps are firmly connected to the body.  All kinds of bags should pay attention to the straps, and backpackers will pay more attention to the bearing and firmness of the straps, in the selection of special attention.  


Surface: flat, smooth, no seams outside the design, no bubbling, no exposed burrs.  


Thread: regardless of the use of open thread or dark thread sewing bag, the length of the needle feet should be uniform, and no thread exposed, we should pay attention to whether the suture without wrinkles, whether the thread has gone to see whether the place of the wire head will cause the bag cracking.  


Whether you choose textiles or leather products, the color should be in harmony with the package.  Lining seams more, stitching should be fine, should not be too large.  


Hardware: as the external decoration of the bag, it has the effect of finishing point.  When choosing a bag, the shape of hardware, charge for the making of sth. should very advertent, if hardware shows aureate, must seek advice whether easy fade.  Like, cosmetic cases and so on with handle bags, we should pay attention to.  


Glue: when choosing the package, you must drag the parts to see whether the glue is strong.  Especially some of the more fashionable bags, because the style is good, good embellishment, so it will be very attractive to the eye, but if these embellishments are not very strong, it will lose its characteristics.  


Zip: check that the surrounding wires are taut and that they engage naturally with the bag.  Especially some key bags, makeup bags and so on will store more hard things of the bag, more attention.  


Button: although it is an obscure accessory, compared with pull lock, it is easier to change, so when choosing, it should be more careful.  Like CD bags, wallets, this kind of bag will often open and close, when choosing to pay attention to the practicality of the buckle.