Leather bag nursing common sense

- 2021-12-04-

1, the whole bag should often rub oil.  Before oiling, remove the dirt and dust on the leather bag, put it for a moment after oiling, and then shine.  Brightening with a brush and dry cloth can be quickly friction leather bag to make it fever, let the oil seep into the cortex, so that it can effectively prevent the color of the bag surface, prolong its service life.  


2, the whole bag should pay attention to waterproof, because the bag is easy to deformation, color, sewing is easy to break.  After leather bag is touched with muddy water, cannot brush with water foam, usable soft cloth wipes off the muddy water on the surface of the bag, brush oil to hit brightness again.  


3, always keep clean and dry, but must not be exposed to the sun or baked with fire, so as not to crack the surface of the bag, affecting the appearance and service life of the bag.