The nursing method of turning velvet leather and abrasive leather leather

- 2021-12-04-

1. Common wrong nursing methods  


(1) If wet cloth is used, wet towel can be beaten or wiped leather surface to remove mud dust, because water can cause leather deformation, dry crack, opening and other irreparable damage, and the dust hidden in the bottom of the pile is also difficult to remove, so it is not suitable to use.  


(2) long-term use of brush to clean the nap, because the nap is fine and uniform, if the long-term use of brush (especially nylon brush or inferior mane hair "1) clean, will destroy the nap fiber structure guide consistent broken down.  


(3) the use of powdery coloring or water, dry powdery product color adhesion is poor, easy to dirty pants and socks, and easy to form scale in the leather;  The uneven color of the bag affects the aesthetic effect of the leather and damages the leather.  


2. The correct nursing method one  


(1) often clean, walk to avoid dust hidden in the bottom of the nap, if not cleaned in time, water is easy to firmly stick to the leather, and it is difficult to clean up again.  The rubber surface of the special brush should be used to clean the dust on the leather surface, and the edge and seam should be cleaned with the brush bristles.  


(2) If the leather is faded and old, use a special refurbishing colorant, and then use a special brush to brush the villi again, restore the original appearance of the leather, and even transform other colors.  


(3) Keep in mind that the color of leather goods can only be changed from light to dark.