Leather products care maintenance tips

- 2021-12-04-

1.Leather products if dirty, can use a clean flannelette dipped in protein liquid wipe, both decontamination, and can make the leather shiny.  


2. Leather products stained with stains, the best first cloth or soft wool 1 gently wipe, and then coated with a layer of vaseline, and then repeatedly wipe with a soft cloth - finally, rub with the same color oil, with a soft fine brush again, can be bright as new.  


3. When the black leather bag wear and fade and reveal the white bottom, you can dip the ink in the egg white in the inkstone into juice, with a brush dipped in the egg white ink repeatedly coated on the surface of the package, the faded part and small cracks to be painted more, painted in a ventilated place to dry, and then coated with oil, brush lightly.  Glossy black leather, color as new.  


4.A bag used for a long time will lose its luster and look old.  Available clean cotton yarn dipped in the right amount of thin material or clean gasoline, gently wipe on the bag surface try again, the key place wipe a few times, and then immediately on the oil, wipe the bag cloth rub back and forth a few times, a pair of shiny as new bag came out.  


5. The way to protect the bag is to soak less water and rub more oil.  Before storage, it is best to smear lard (can also use pork skin rub) or rape oil, to protect the skin does not wrinkle.  At the same time, mash up old newspaper into the bag to prevent deformation.  Finally, put the bag in a carton and store it in a dry place.